Learn From One of America’s Top Business Coaches How to Systemize and Scale Your Business

Systemize and Scale Your Business To Turn it Into a Perpetual Cash Machine in 36 Months or Less And Never Have To Work Again

From The TEDx Speaker Who Helped Michael Gerber Take E-Myth Worldwide And Spent the Next 23 Years Perfecting The Art & Science of Simplifying, Systemizing, & Scaling Your Business

The benefit of owning your own business is NOT so you can work 12 – 18 hour days and rarely take a vacation – while consoling yourself by saying at least you’re not working for the man!
The reason for having your own business is to unleash that innate God-given desire to build something of worth, to have something of means, and to live as free men and women in the place and manner of your choosing.
Whether that’s turning your business into your own personal ATM machine that runs profitably and efficiently without you, or scaling and selling for a high payoff exit, it’s 100% achievable and requires no magic formulas or secret strategies.

It’s going to be hard work before it becomes super easy. But it is so worth it!
If it was just a matter of working hard, you’d have already succeeded. It’s about simplifying the complex, and systemizing the activities and processes that make your business run.
The big benefit of owning a business is about the satisfaction that comes from consistently delivering high value to your customers in a stressless manner while generating the kind of profit that enables real freedom of choice in life.
There’s something about the exhilaration of accomplishment that only comes when the prize worth pursuing is met with resistance… The kind of resistance that succumbs to the persistent application of uncomplicated knowledge and bends the knee to irrefutable wisdom.
But that victory we speak of, (and all of us seek), seems elusive at best and fictional at worst.
We pursue this idea of freedom and abundance with great fervor and hope, but rarely find it. In fact, only 4% of small business startups get to year five with any team intact and any profit in hand. That’s astonishing and yet completely fixable.
What do the 4% know? What are they doing differently? And how can you be numbered among them?

Scale Your Business

I’m speaking of the ones who dare to believe in their dreams, despite the obstacles and perhaps even because of them. I’m referring to those who’ve encountered the buzz saw of costly mistakes, but persist anyway – until they succeed, believing and somehow knowing, they will find the way.
If you’re on that journey, I want to help you make that a reality. Whether you’re looking to scale and sell – or scale to shift, there is a proven path that any business can follow to get there.
Scale Your Business
After helping Michael Gerber of E-Myth fame lead the “turn-key revolution” as Director of Training, I spent the next 23 years working one-on-one with over 1000 business owners perfecting and refining the systems and processes that make succeeding in business as inevitable as the changing of seasons.

Sell Your Business

The rules for succeeding in business may not be well known, but they’re not secret. They’re well within reach of anyone!
There are however THREE CORE CONCEPTS that when operational, make your business both unusually profitable and exceptionally valuable for resale, should you desire to cash in your chips and take on something new.
Sure, you might sell your business right now as is, but when you’ve simplified its running, systemized its processes, and made it scalable, the difference in outcomes can be several multiples higher.
Consider Ken Simmons… A serial entrepreneur who wanted to scale up and sell his company for a good multiple. The problem was, his business depended entirely on him, which makes any business harder to sell.
Sure, he did several million in annual revenue and had a great team around him. It was like having 80 umbilical cords all tied to him! (Can you relate?)
Once he learned what the 4% knew, we helped him simplify and systemize his business using our proprietary methods forged in the crucible of over 1000 business turnarounds.